OEEESs Prize 2022 – “Can capitalism deliver a sustainable future for all?”

The Old Etonian Environment Energy & Sustainability Society (OEEESs) is glad to support Etonians who have taken an early interest in sustainability issues.

This year, the boys will explore in an essay competition the following: “Can capitalism deliver a sustainable future for all?”

The OEEESs Annual Prize Essay Prize is Eton’s major interdisciplinary school prize focused on sustainability. This year, it is open to C and B block who will submit their essay in November.

Shortlisted boys will be take part in a brief interview by a panel of judges working in the field of sustainability. The winner will also take home a £300 prize.

If you are an OE and would like to be involved, please feel free to reach out to oeeessoc@gmail.com

Below is a picture OE Environment Prize 2021 where B blocker Leo Perceval-Hicks was awarded the prize for his ideas on food waste handling and making Bekynton more sustainable.

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