2020 Update – Robin Hanbury-Tenison Event Recording, Eton Prize Winner and New Committee Members

Thank you to all who joined the Old Etonian Environment Energy and Sustainability society’s virtual event recently with keynote speaker, Robin Hanbury-Tenison. If you missed out on this inspiring talk and interactive discussion with members and their guests, you can request the video recordings by emailing: oeeessoc@gmail.com

The Society would like to congratulate Alexander (Xan) Gray Muir (B Blocker) who won this year’s Eton Environment Prize as well as expressing our thanks to the Judges and supporting stakeholders involved, including the Provost, Ian Mellor, Kerri Hicks (many congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Eleni), Pauline Herbommez and Henry Brooks, Managing Director of Tatton Group, who sponsored the £300 Cash Prize. Thank you to Tatton Group! Also, thank you to several members for your help with the many internships that have been offered to Xan!

The OEEESs committee has been working with the school for ten years since the Society was formed (originally OEREA in 2010) and it is wonderful to see so many Etonians become passionate about the broad sustainability agenda. It is evident that the prize can be an important steppingstone for boys with University applications as well as career opportunities in the field during, after or even instead of University. This includes our two most recent committee members who were previous Prize winners. Sacha Tchen, who won the 2015 prize, is now in the field as an Analyst at Carbon Limiting Technologies and Adair Verey, who won the 2018 prize, completed an internship at Future Biogas, was a Judge this year, and worked for his MP on a sustainable vision for the Isle of Wight during his Gap year. He is now at Durham University. Many congratulations to you both for joining the OEEESs committee and we wish you the best of luck with your early career choices.

We hope that during 2021 we will be able to return to some f2f networking engagements. In the meantime, we would like to wish all members good health, relaxation and a Happy Christmas.

Best regards,

The OEEESs committee

PS. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to support the Eton Environment 2021 Prize.

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