OE Environment Prize 2018

A quick message to let you know that the OEEESs are sponsoring the OE Environment Prize 2018 which will include £300 prize.

Not strictly a members’ event.

Additionally, if any members are able to offer boys internships (or similar experience), please get in touch with the OEEESs committee as this will be a massive value add.

This was the email which was distributed for the boys this year:

The OE Environment Prize for Specialists is a significant cash prize awarded by a panel of OE professionals working in the sustainability sector of the best presentation on how to make Eton a more sustainable school.
Proposals should be submitted in a presentation format of your choice by Monday the 17th of September
Completed entries should be e-mailed to PFMH, ECP or DEA.

As well as a significant cash prize, entering the prize has many other benefits. All who enter can include that achievement in their UCAS Personal Statements.

Boys who have entered the prize in the past, have found that their projects form a useful focus for discussion at university interviews.

Shortlisted candidates will also be offered the opportunity to present at assemblies.

Please see the poster attached for more information on detailed guidelines regarding the presentation.

Shortlisted boys with present their work on Thursday 27th of September.
Best regards and good luck to all,
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