4th April- The Old Etonian Environment, Energy and Sustainability Society (OEEESs)

We are delighted to be hosting Tessa Tennant as the next guest speaker at the Old Etonian Environment, Energy & Sustainability Society (OEEESs).

This will take place on the 4th April (drinks at 6h00pm, kickoff at 6h30pm) at the Hippodrome in Soho (nearest tube Leicester Square).

If you would like to attend – please send me an email at paulsoskin@gmail.com

For those of you who don’t know her, I have tried to compress her lengthy CV into a few bullet points:

– Non Exec Director, Green Investment Bank
– President, Ice Organisation
– Board Member, Syn Tao
– Chair of the board of trustees, Global Cool Foundation
– Lead Trustee, Glenn Settlement
– Non Executive Director & Lead Advisor, Solar Century UK
– Co-founder, Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia (ASRIA)
– Co-founder, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
– Co-founded Jupiter Ecology’s first green equity investment fund in 1988


OEEESs Committee

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1 Response to 4th April- The Old Etonian Environment, Energy and Sustainability Society (OEEESs)

  1. Douglas Bryce says:

    As an OE from Texas (CWW ’76) I am delighted to connect with this Society, which concerns subjects long dear to my heart.

    Alas, it will be difficult to attend meetings, but I would love to be able to watch or listen to lectures in the UK. Is there any way this might be done, perhaps through a private or public youtube channel, or the like?




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