EtonPreneurs host Jonathan Porritt and Charles Perry

Over 50 EtonPreneurs turned up to hear this power-house pair expound on sustainability in the UK and the World.  It was clear that Jonathon feels he is more effective in the private sector rather than the political sector when it comes to sustainability, a term that our politicians use today, but do not fully understand or support.  As he puts it, he prefers to be out of the tent pissing in, rather than in the tent pissing out.  Charles presented an array of pertinent (and often worrying) facts about the situation in which we find ourselves as a species.  Overall, the message was upbeat – sustainability is not a fringe movement any more, the young are firmly engaged in the subject, OE’s no longer think Jonathon is a crazy environmentalist, green can (and does where the politics allows) mean growth, politicians are inept on the subject but business is leading effectively and the most important word in sustainability is “efficiency”.  The audience was clearly engaged as the Q&A ran on for 45 minutes.  Thank you to Farrer and Credit Suisse for providing lubricating fluids.

If you’d like to see the slides Charles presented, full of useful facts, see the event page:  EtonPreneursMarch2013Final

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