2012 An exciting year for the OEREA

Dear Members,

Happy New Year! I feel 2012 will be an exciting year for the OEREA. I am glad to announce that Michael Liebreich, Chief Executive of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, has been confirmed as a guest speaker (time/venue tbc).

As the site’s administrator, I have been able to witness the expansion of our list of members over the past few months. The OEREA contains a diverse body of OEs from various sectors and stands as a valuable networking platform for individuals interested in the Renewable Sector.

I have so far been able to meet many OEs in the clean-tech finance space. As a recent graduate, it has been extremely interesting for me to meet people in the industry and learn about their backgrounds and skill sets. I have also found it highly valuable to receive guidance on my career and strongly appreciate the OEs who have kindly taken the time to meet me for coffee or lunch.

As we all know, the period since the financial crisis has not been ideal for businesses and employment. However, I feel one should remain optimistic for the Renewable Sector as a growth engine for the UK and global economy. Initiatives, such as the OEREA, could prove to be extremely valuable in both the short-term and long-term as we progress through this period of political and economic uncertainty.

Furthermore, I would be extremely grateful if you could recommend new members. Please feel free to forward the registration form (https://oerea.wordpress.com/about-register/) to other interested OEs. I have already contacted my housemaster, Peter McKee, to try and attract the young generation of sustainability enthusiasts.

I am excited to see how the OEREA will develop over time.

All the best,

Paul Soskin

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